Dance. A Play
theatricalized polemics
Dance. A Play Dance. A Play photo: Marlies Kross
- And you,... what do you seek?
- I seek balance.
- Have you lost it then? Have you possessed it?
- It is my profession to lose it evermore, so as to regain it evermore. That is what you call dancing."
Michael Ende (1929 - 1995), "Mirror in the Mirror", 1984
script & choreo­graphy: Dan Pelleg
choreographic colaboration: Marko E. Weigert, Nora Hage­neier
actors: Tilla Kratochwil, Stephan Thiel
dancers: Simone Rabea Döring, Sebastian Fiedor, Steffi Sembdner, Maria Zimmermann
additional texts: Kai Grehn, Michael Ende, Hans Christian Andersen, Kurt Schwitters
stage set & costume design: Britta Bremer
light design: Marko E. Weigert
dramaturgy: Sebastian Ritschel, Ronny Scholz
duration: ca. 50 min.
premiere: 21st January 2012, Görlitz / GHT Görlitz Zittau
music: dxm, Metrolopin, Dan Pelleg
special thanks to: Florian Bücking, Jenny Ecke, Raisa Kröger, Finn Nolting, Ronny Scholz, Stephan Szasz and Sommer Ulrickson for their inspiring input

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