The people of Görlitz love it wet

Sächsische Zeitung
Daniela Pfeiffer

The audience of Görlitz has chosen its favourites: The dancers have hit the nerve of the audience this time and receive a special prize.

Wellness for the tired legs, the battered backs. That's just the thing for our hard-working dancers who sacrifice so much in training for hours every day. That's why Renate Winkler and her club colleagues decided to give the dancers of the dance company 1000 euros for a wellness day together. But not just like that, but because this time they came out on top in the audience vote at the Görlitz Theatre. Both "Romeo and Juliet" and "Aqua" - that impressive play on a wet stage - were most convincing last season.

At the same time, the names of the two heads of the dance company appeared again and again on the 600 to 700 ballots that are always enclosed with the programme booklets and are available in the theatre: Dan Pelleg and Marko E. Weigert. They have now been awarded the association's badge of honour, which the theatre association had specially made by the jewellery company Albrecht und Matthias Finster in Görlitz. Marko E. Weigert cheered when he heard that they had won the audience award this time, Renate Winkler said happily. Dan Pelleg also reacted exuberantly. Thanks to both artists, contemporary dance has gained a new status in Görlitz. They inspire with demanding choreographies - and at the same time lead their dancers to ever new high performances.

. Of course, Görlitz theatre-goers have even more favourites. The name Stefan Bley also appeared on many ballots - as did lead actor Adrian Becker, both of whom were convincing in "Ein Käfig voller Narren".

In general, the trend in this year's survey was towards couples, Renate Winkler noted. Besides Pelleg/Weigert and Bley/Becker, Sebastian Ritschel and Ronny Scholz were well received. Although the production of "Hansel and Gretel" also heard critical voices and was described as unsuitable for children, the work of dramaturge Scholz and director Ritschel was extremely well received by at least as many. This is supported by the fact that "Hansel and Gretel" had already won an award last year.