" It can't be stressed too often, what a jewel the GHT has gained with these two exceptional artists! in precise and sensitively dance scenes, the nature of time is explored, at times with philosophical earnest, at times with a wink, always aesthetically captivating and touching. Art doesn't necessarily have to be pretty, but it is a blessing to surrender oneself to these beautiful images, which reveal their deeply humanistic message boldly and unencumbered by programmatic obscurity. The stylistically solid musical soundtrack and the accompanying self-shot film scenes provide a perfect frame for this clever and profound piece when Nora Hageneier and Marko E. Weigert dance together, there are moments of such intensity and magic as only a long lasting, intimate artistic collaboration makes possible for 4500 seconds you can partake in the discourse of this excellent company, not one of which you want to miss, and the best of all while watching this piece about time, you completely lose track of it."