Premieres serendipity

The premiere of KURZSTRECKE GÖRLITZ-ZITTAU offered more than a stroke of luck
to experience the old and new dance company at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Görlitzer-Zittau.

Upper Lusatia Life
Ramona Faltin
The evening began with a video clip. Theater colleagues of the dancers-actors and dramaturges had made several short films that told of collaboration, distance and the extraordinary between Görlitz and Zittau. Thus, each dance piece was introduced by a video: a transparent, but nevertheless functioning dramaturgical maneuver to offer the eye variety in the two-hour performance. But the real quality of "Kurzstrecke Görlitz-Zittau" lies in the variety of dance ideas, in the cross-genre, choreographic variation that strives towards conceptual art. Exciting aesthetic and terminological characterizations can be experienced: for a long time dancers have been doing more than dance: they sing, write poetry, speak, play and choreograph the pieces themselves - this is also the case in the dance pieces "Kurzstrecke Görlitz-Zittau". Movement principles between falling and rising, between being with each other, for each other and against each other between tension and relaxation provide attentive enthusiasm. Energetic, flowing, touching, fragmented - the dance pieces have many facets. Fascinatingly well-founded body technique forms the basis for wonderful dialogues between emotional-dancing qualities and the music.

Enchanting and rousing, Leila Bakhtali's movements combine with Balkan Beat and visually blurring ornaments in the piece "It was never". A thousand told fairy tales are in my heart - she convinces the audience dancing.

Another piece, a video sequence offers the audience a view from a hole in the asphalt: into the sky, into a rainbow: what a simple and beautiful change of perspective! Niko von Harlekin senses and choreographs the "most successful English word" HELLO in the dance piece Tsundoku1123 in spelling movements and postures. In his video clip AND HE RACES, Marko E. Weigert tackles the question we have probably all asked ourselves: Can I be faster than the streetcar? At least on short distances?

BOX - is the name of the breathtakingly beautiful dance with giant cardboard boxes that Lital Ben-Horin and Mami Kawabata perform to Swedish folk rock from Garmana.

Sixteen dancers are on stage in the last piece BLOCKIERT, dancers of the old and new dance company - not only because of that the premiere was a stroke of luck. In short pieces, the Upper Lusatian dance company impressed with high artistic standards and a universe of dance sequences and sensations. Indescribable. "Short transit Görlitz-Zittau" must be seen.