News from the Body Mastery Collective

Görlitzer Anzeiger
Mike Altmann
To applaud sitting after this performance would be final resignation to old age. And so those who still can stood and cheered the dance company of the Gerhart Hauptmann Theater in Görlitz after the premiere of "De fesche Mode". It is about fashions, adaptation, belonging. That one does not have to follow every fashion trend was shown by the audience, the majority of which went to the premiere dressed in casual Lusatian haute couture. For Görlitz standards surprisingly young, good-humored and numerous. Show me a provincial town, where modern dance theater fills a large theater hall up to the ranks. Result of tireless work of the dance company and its creative heads Dan Pelleg and Marko E. Weigert.

In "De Fesche Mode" the body control collective gets to sweeten its monkeys. Whether in high heels or in the evolution of jeans from full pants to holey nothing. They dance, jump, roll and slide on tables made of shiny metal. While the first part is still quite leisurely, the piece picks up the pace after the intermission - and the dancers. Men's butts at prime time. Later still, a bulging artistic butt. With a bit of luck, there will be a shitstorm from concerned parents' representatives or complaints from the commissioner for more prudery in the German family. De fesche Mode has the makings of a scandal. After all, it also makes fun of good old opera. The audience hooted with delight at the verbalization of the serious muse in a three-minute parody.

No, this dance evening is not a burlesque. We, that is, the fine society, get a mirror held up to us. What we see in it depends on the respective will. Like a red thread gently music of Depeche Mode runs through the thought piece. As a fan, one might wish for one or two more hits. But Weigert and Pelleg don't fall into this shallow trap. And in terms of music selection, hardly anyone can fool them anyway. No idea where they found "Personal Jesus" with an Arabic accent. I, for one, can't get enough of it. And I hope you can't either. Go to "De fesche Mode", let yourself be carried away into a world that we can make better together.