Juni 2006, Tantseval'ny Klondayk

...Artists of the wee dance company from Germany set themselves a difficult, but extremely important task: to free Germany, and Europe along with it, from dance theater, which seems to have become obsolete. But before that, the choreographers Dan Pelleg and Marko Weigert themselves were to gain independence from the aforementioned Pina Bausch. In the piece "There's Time" dance theater acquires modern arms and legs, in dance all the rules of modern choreography are observed. Interesting video interludes, reflections on time, handing out snacks on tables in the audience area - all this reinforces the belief that these young people will achieve anything, provided they do not stray from the chosen path. To sum up: the evening of European dance was successful, hope, which was killed by the Spaniards, was brought back to life by the Germans.