Kultura Zeitung, Juni 2006 / Alla Michalewa.

The use of video sequences is one of the trends in modern dance. The German "wee dance company", whose founding date (April 1999) is practically the only information that can be found about them in the festival booklet, even shows in its performance a complete film about the trading of time and different kinds of time: work time, lunch time, women's time, men's time, and so on. On stage, they offer interpretations in dance of the idea of the passage and flow of time, which can be "extended" by hanging on ropes, "accelerated" by rapid running like the flitting of the seconds hand, or even stopped by announcing: "lunchtime!" and feeding the audience with snacks. And so the performance is also called: "There's Time". In it, the dancers also transform into gymnasts and acrobats, but the most important thing is that their dance is energetically charged. Thus, the one-hour-long performance (the time is indicated by an hourglass at the proscenium) does not seem long at all, as if time had actually sped up. Which is more than can be said for the entire festival. At many a performance, the time dragged on exhaustingly. But now the festival is over and... it is a pity that "time's up".