butterflies in the stomach

In dance, as in love, when a thing tingles in the belly, it needs no explanations

Reʻu Huzhartem, ISRAEL 19.02.2014, Gal Barkan
And then it started: seven dancers dressed in black, huge cardboard boxes and a creativity that never ends. One's breath is taken away by the beauty. In recent years, I've gotten the impression that beauty in dance has been dropped in favor of the ambition to be different, to divert, to be original, to be something that no one else has thought up before, something that slaps the audience in the face. The music becomes dissonant, the movements broken.

Dan and Marko don't try to do that. They are geniuses of beauty and aesthetics, and from this lack of pretentiousness something different, diverse, original emerges, in an indescribable variety of ways. You have to see it to understand it. If I had to describe the theme of the piece, ignoring the piece descriptions, I would say that it is about the human socialisation, about togetherness, about being one in the group and being against the group. Their dancers are having fun - permanently. They play, laugh, talk - all this without in the least detracting from the technical perfection of the dancing, some of which is highly complex (and not only because the boxes are included in the piece).

In one duet by one female and one male dancer in a cardboard house built for them, I almost cried. I won't tell you why - go watch it. Elsewhere I laughed, and my heart - it had to work overtime throughout the entire evening.