Schwarz, ohne Zucker

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Entering Tacheles' Goldener Saal, one wonders: is wee dance company's new piece about to begin, celebrating its 10-year anniversary, or is the fire brigade on its way? Thick mist obscures the stage and the audience ranks. The lights go out. Slowly, spotlights emerging from the depth of the space pierce the opaque scenery. Seven dancers, three men and four women, find each other to form pairs, then strive away again in an enigmatic no man's land. Through the years, the wee dance company has maintained a distance to conceptual dance, ubiquitous on Berlin's stages. The group about founders Dan Pelleg and Marko E. Weigert takes especially to dance in its pure form. "Schwarz, ohne Zucker" does without a storyline, and yet it transports meaning sharp as a razor, as when attraction and rejection between people are tested in intensive duets. The music is the dancers' true ally – a throbbing electro sound, a catchy guitar tapestry or a baroque motive. One of the company's trademarks is the precisely choreographed group sequences; in this piece however, this harmony is undermined by one, then another, momentarily breaking off the group in uncontrollable, jerking figures – signifying that under the surface another layer and another truth lies hidden. "Schwarz, ohne Zucker" may allude to the principle of being pure, pristine. One wishes the company it may maintain this link with the essential.

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