Görlitz: Dan Pelleg, Marko E. Weigert 'Wonderland - Like Nightly Shadows

March 2019
Hartmut Regitz

(...) Are we all crazy? (...)

(...) Full of references, the "dance piece" is nevertheless a free play of the imagination. (...)

(...) again and again, Pelleg and Weigert (with the explicitly affirmed cooperation of all participants) discover something new (...)

(...) You have to look a little closer to catch the often ambivalent allusions. Just as in Dan Pelleg's "soundtrack design", one scene follows another on stage without the piece ever stumbling over it. And when it does, it is done with such virtuosity that one always recognizes the intention behind it - and of course the amazing movement potential of the eleven-member ensemble. The premiere audience reacted enthusiastically to the intelligent and entertaining conundrum, which seems to spare no craziness. Not even a white elephant. Stalking on stilts, it could easily have escaped from the surreal pictorial world of Salvador Dalí. (...)