Dance. A Play
theatricalized polemics
trailer / 2013
excerpt: short animation film / mini-drama "Pas de Deux" by Kai Grehn, Benjamin Hohnheiser, Judith Holzer

• concept & animation: Benjamin Hohnheiser & Judith Holzer
• direction & art direction: Benjamin Hohnheiser
• illustrating: Johannes Figlhuber
• text, voice recording & sound mixing: Kai Grehn
• voices: Jule Bwe & Alexander Fehling
• musical composition: Tarwater

The minidrama PAX DE DEUX is an adapted scene from the theater play​"Das Etablissement"​by Kai Grehn.
This text was provided to the wee dance company for the purpose of its realization as an animated short film for the production "Dance. A Play" by the author.