plan b
We relish the freedom of restriction!
plan b plan b photo: Marcus Lieberenz
"Welcome, stranger!" – Plan B is in its form a homage to the cabaret, the variety show, with whose image Berlin's culture is so closely associated – both historically and today. Although this piece incorporates acrobatic elements and humour, the "numbers" in the program are not "authentic" variety numbers but rather small dance pieces (and a small concert), which might at first seem to stand each on their own, independently of each other, but which are in fact linked to each other by a number of common themes. In Plan B we observe the phenomenon of the outer hull which is imposed on the individual by society and the relationships between these hulls – these stereotypes or images – and that which we conceive of as our "true, naked self". We take a look at our national backgrounds, at how, through these, we might later be stamped by society as foreigners; and at our childhood, where our relationship to the world and to ourselves is first shaped. All this takes place in a somewhat surrealist stage setting, which, through a milieu of hats and chairs floating in the air, suggests weightlessness, an underwater environment, or a dream world.
choreo­graphy & dance:Dan Pelleg, Sommer Ulrickson, Marko E. Weigert
duration:75 min.
premiere:4th July 2001 at the Derevo Laboratorium, Dresden
toured:Berlin (Sophiensæle)
toured as "Drop" (Excerpts out of "plan b"):Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Aurora Nova at St. Stephens)
music:Amos Tobin, MATMOS, G. F. Haendel, Franz Schubert, Benjamin Britten / Jeff Buckley, Zelwer

♪♫ "Mini Concert" – 6 songs sung by the dancers during the piece
  • "Though Philomela" by Thomas Morley
  • "Lecha Dodi", Jewish Sabbath Song
  • "Kalliolle Kukkulalle" by Kay Chydenius
  • "Ti parti, cor mio caro" by Filippo Azzaiolo
  • "Inch Worm", American Quodlibet
  • "Oy Padrujenki", Russian (poss. Ukrainian) Love Song