Dance Company of the Gerhart Hauptmann-Theatre Görlitz-Zittau | wee dance company
"Defying all labels and packaging, the wee dance company are out to confound and intrigue..." (The List, 23.08.2001 / Ruth Hedges)
"At a distance from the fashionable, the wee dance company has for years been developing its discrete and independent aesthetics..." (Die Deutsche Bühne, Jan. 2007 / Frank Wiegand)
"... one of the most substantial, most versatile, internationally most active Berliner ensembles..." (dance for you magazine, Januar - Februar 2008 / Volkmar Draeger)
"... This group, with its elegance, meticulousness and rich inventiveness ... satisfies a longing that we'd believed to be long forgotten." (Neues Duetschland, 30.08.2005 / Tom Mustroph)

After 12 years as an independant dance company in Berlin, in 2011 the award-winning wee dance company became the Gerhart Hauptmann Theatre Görlitz-Zittau's dance company, where it has been presenting new, original dance premières, new choreographies for the theatre's opera and musical productions, and highlights from wee dance company's repertoire that have toured throughout Germany and the world.

wee dance's creation's have been praised in reviews as minted with "strength and aesthetics, emotion and beauty", as "tightly and intensively told" and as captivating through "suspense and grasping throughout the space", as "transporting meaning sharp as a razor" with a "physical verbal force, before which words pale", as "truly excitingly imaginative", as "such a unique sort of theatre, that one is constantly compelled to intensive perception, and may watch, contemplate and associate abundantly", and as an example of "how casualness and quality combine in an intelligent symbiosis" and that "at the end of the day, quality asserts itself".

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