Alpha 1
Dance in the 3rd dimension
Alpha 1 Alpha 1 photo: Marlies Kross
Within an alternative, newly invented dance space, in which any surfaces are missing, a new dance language is created, then a stage play. In this dance space, the dancers can move and support themselves exclusively with the help of a three-dimensional pole scaffold specially designed for this purpose.
Never before has the basic system of human locomotion been thematized in this way by such a three-dimensional framework: questioned, changed, alienated.
choreo­graphy: Dan Pelleg, Marko E. Weigert, in colla­boration with the dancers
dancers (pre­miere cast): Leila Bakhtali, Nora Hage­neier, Mami Kawa­bata, Laura Keil, Lital Netzer (Ben-Horin), Beatrice Panero, Nikolai Hanakam, William MacQueen, Arkaitz Soria Pereiro, Fer­nan­do Bal­sera Pita, Ruslan Stepanov, Marko E. Wei­gert
music: Steffen Cieplik
light design: Marko E. Weigert
sound­track design: Steffen Cieplik, Dan Pelleg
stage set design: Till Kuhnert
costume design: Britta Bremer
duration: ca. 90 min.
premiere: 14th June 2013, Görlitz / GHT Görlitz Zittau
music: Steffen Cieplik, Cello + Laptop, Matmos, Agustín Barrios Mangoré, Arvo Pärt, Edith Piaf, Irving Berlin, Original African Tribal Music
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