Box Box photo: Marlies Kross
"box" was created as part of "the butterfly defect" (with the friendly support of the Berlin senate, department of science, research and culture) and was adapted in 2005 into an independent piece for the production "Jaffa-Berlin Short Transit".
cho­reo­gra­phy:Marko E. Weigert, Dan Pelleg
pre­mie­re cast: Marko E. Weigert, Dan Pelleg
in remounts: Lital Ben-Horin – Netzer & Mami Kawabata
Marko E. Weigert & Amit Bard (Presiman)
dancers of the Saarländisches Staatstheater: • Yamila Khodr & Pascal Michel Séraline
• Lionel Droguet & Paul Girard
• Xianghui Zeng & Taesuk Kang
• Meritxell Aumedes & Alfredo García Gonzáles
cos­tume de­sign, light de­sign:Marko E. Weigert
dura­tion:8 min.
as a part of "the but­ter­fly de­fect": 25th July 2002 in the Sophiensæle Berlin
as a short piece: 22nd March 2005, Teatron Giv'at Brenner / Israel
toured (as a short piece, without the but­ter­fly de­fect):
Hannover 2006 (Audience Prize at the 20th International Competition for Choreographers)
Finalist at the​Kurt Jooss Award 2007​im​PACT Zollverein​/ Choreographic Centre Essen (one of 4 finalists out of 112 applicants from 28 countries)
The Hague 2006 / The Netherlands (20th anniversary of the​SOD Dancers' Retraining Program)
Ludwigshafen 2006 (nominated for the 1st "no ballet" International Choreography Competition)
Görlitz-Zgorzelec 2008 / Germany-Poland,​DanceArtFestival, Görlitz / Zgorzelec​(Gymnasium 3 Zgorzelec)
Berlin 2005 – conclusion event of the "Einstein Year 2005" in collaboration with​JUTOJO​(E-Werk)
Berlin 2005, 2006 –​Lucky Trimmer,Kunsthaus Tacheles
Tel Aviv 2005, Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater / Talia Paz and Guests
Freiburg and Heidelberg 2007 –​Lucky Trimmer​on Tour
Frankfurt (Oder) 2006 (Europe-University Viadrina)
Bad Wildungen 2006 (Wandelhalle)
Berlin –​TanzNacht 2006,​Akademie der Künste
Berlin 2011 / Gala Evening Farewell Performance for pedagogue and choreographer Tamar Ben-Ami,​State Ballet School Berlin
Reutlingen 2011, Internationales Tanztheater XI
Regensburg 2022, at the 19th international Aids-Gala
as part of "Jaf­fa-Ber­lin Short Tran­sit", "Short Tran­sit Gör­litz-Zit­tau" and "wee are 20!":
The Hague 2007 / The Netherlands – Holland Dance Festival
Chicago 2008 / USA
Svetvinčenat (San Vincenti) 2007 / Croatia, Dance- & non-verbal Theatre Festival
4 Israel cross country tours, 2005 – 2007
Limassol 2008 / Cyprus, at the 11th European Dance Festival Cyprus (as part of "shortcut")
Berlin 2009, at 10 Years wee dance company (as a part of ""shortcut"")
Görlitz & Zittau, since 2011 at various gala evenings and on numerous festive occasions
re­moun­ted for other com­pa­nies:
Saarbrücken 2008, "The winners are..." performed by dancers of the ballet ensemble of the Saarländisches Staatstheater (ballet director: Marguerite Donlon)
music:Garmarna, Penguine Café