Short Transit Görlitz-Zittau
Short Transit Görlitz-Zittau Short Transit Görlitz-Zittau photo: Phillip Heinz
The most extreme art experiences can be evoked by very short pieces. Just as artful as the haiku, the song or the short film, stage dance often gains intensity through brevity: the shorter, the purer, more powerful and direct its message.

On this evening we will present a series of short pieces with the highest artistic standards by different choreographers, highly varied in style and content but with one thing in common: they all offer an intense, concentrated, self-contained and exciting experience.
choreo­graphy: Dan Pelleg, Marko E. Weigert, Lital Ben-Horin, Mami Kawa­bata, Sommer Ulrick­son, Beatrice Panero, Ruslan Stepanov, Enrico Paglialunga, Tylor Deyn, Ya'ara Dolev, Amit Goldenberg, Leila Bakhtali, Nikolai Hanakam,
dancers (pre­miere cast): Nora Hage­neier, Carlos Pérez González, Enrico Paglialunga, Aron Smeding (guest), Marko E. Weigert, Leila Bakhtali, Lital Ben-Horin, Lara Hedgcock, Mami Kawa­bata, Ruslan Stepanov, Laura Keil, Beatrice Panero, Dan Pelleg, Fer­nan­do Bal­sera Pita, Tylor Deyn, Nikolai Hanakam, Shannon Ley­poldt, Meng-Ting Liu
light design: Marko E. Weigert togehter with each choreographer
stage and costume design: Britta Bremer & Marko E. Weigert together with each choreographer
short videos by: Marko E. Weigert, Kerstin Slawek, Katja Schreier, Dorotty Szalma, Claudia Grönniger, Katinka Maché,
duration: ca. 135 min. including a break
premiere: 28th June 2014, Görlitz / GHT Görlitz Zittau
music: Natacha Atlas, Stephen Fry, Nikolai Hanakam, Pan Sonic, Jeff Buckley, The XX, Wimme, Lana del Rey, Balkan Beat Box, Dictaphone, Locust, Matthew Stone ft. Michele Lamy, Brad Mehldau, Peteris Vasks, George Frideric Handel, Garmarna, Penguin Café Orchestra, Machinefabriek, dxm, Comedian Harmonists
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