A dance piece by the wee dance company with the poem "EL DESENCANTO DEL QUIJOTE (Últimos días y agonía)" by Chantal Maillard
Q photo: gezett.de
A poem catalyzes dance, developing along the poetic rhythm and unfolding in parallel with the text, which Chantal Maillard reads in person. The "dance poem" that emerges from this union takes the audience on its own independent journey, whose path meets, crosses, and leaves that of the poem. The dancers trace the emotions underlying the poem and translate them into movement. Thus they intertwine the dance expression with the linguistic expression. Chantal Maillard wrote a new text especially for this evening.

commissioned by the​Literaturwerkstatt Berlin​for the​Poesiefestival Berlin 2005
in collaboration with​phase7
poem, reading, scenic participation:Chantal Maillard
choreo­graphy:Marko E. Weigert, Dan Pelleg
dancers: Mimi Messner, Maya M. Carroll, Marko E. Weigert, Dan Pelleg
costume and
props design:
Pedro Richter
stage:phase7 performing.arts
pro­duc­tion / stage manager:Carolina De Leon
music: Enríquuz de Valderrábano / La Compañia, Luys de Narváez + Anon. / piffaro, Diego Ortiz + Francisco de la Torre + Anon. / Flautando Köln, Sheva & Friends, Dan Pelleg
duration: 35 min.
premiere: 24. Juni 2005, HAU 2 Berlin
special thanks to the​Dance Academy Balance 1​and to​Taner Akyol
♪♫ "En los bordes del sueños" – a pseudo-madrigal
  • lyrics from "EL DESENCANTO DEL QUIJOTE (Últimos días y agonía)" by Chantal Maillard
  • music: Dan Pelleg
  • singing: Johanne Braun, Mimi Messner, Dan Pelleg, Marko E. Weigert
  • sound mixer: Niklas Schmincke