There's Time
There's Time There's Time photo: Marlies Kross

"Blossoms are falling
and floating. Outside of time
they could not exist."
Se'ishi Yamaguchi
Time passes differently. It takes turns. It catches up with itself. It arises anew. A different temporal experience.

Do you ever have the feeling that time is slipping away? Are you worried about the relentless march of time? Do you wish for time to take a different course?

Let yourself be swept along the curvatures and irregularities of time. Jump with us along the quantum lengths of the time axis. Detach yourself from the fabric of our time.

It's time.
concept, choreo­graphy, films: Dan Pelleg, Marko E. Weigert
conceptual colaboration: Kathinka Sonneborn
choreographic colaboration: Nora Hage­neier, Anne Schmidt, Kathinka Sonneborn
dancers - Berlin premiere cast: Nora Hageneier, Anne Schmidt, Dan Pelleg, Kathinka Sonneborn, Marko E. Weigert

dancers - Görlitz premiere cast: Leila Bakhtali, Nora Hageneier, Laura Keil, William Macqueen, Dan Pelleg, Ruslan Stepanov, Marko E. Weigert

stage, costumes & light design: Marko E. Weigert
soundtrack design: Dan Pelleg
duration: ca. 75 min.
premiere - Berlin: 25th August 2005, Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin,
PR: Heike Thierbach
technical director: Miloš Vujković

restage premiere - Görlitz:
19th January 2013, Görlitz / GHT Görlitz-Zittau
music: Matmos, J. S. Bach, wee dance company
tours:  Moskau – VI International Contemporary Dance Festival (2006)
Simbabwe – HIFA - Harare International Festival of the Arts (2006)
Dresden – Projekttheater (2006)
Kassel – Theater im Fridericianum (2006)
Ludwigshafen – Theater im Pfalzbau (2007)
Kempten – Theater Kempten (2008)
Magdeburg – Schauspielhaus Tanzfest Magdeburg (2009)
Berlin – September 2009, Kunsthaus Tacheles, at "10 Years wee dance company"
excerpts:  Frankfurt/Oder (Europe-University Viadrina)
Bad Wildungen (Wandelhalle)
Berlin - Conclusion of the Einstein Year 2005 in collaboration with JUTOJO (E-Werk)

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