Like Nightly Shadows
Wonderland Wonderland photo: Marlies Kross
“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”
Vincent van Gogh
Is “being different” a key to freedom? Or is it a cage? How “different” can you get before becoming “strange”, then “a freak”, then “mentally ill”? Are there even clear borders to what’s “normal” – isn’t it all actually a matter of context and circumstance? Join us on the wings of fantasy into our own wee dance Wonderland, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s books.
choreo­graphy: Dan Pelleg, Marko E. Weigert, in colla­boration with the dancers
dancers (pre­miere cast):
Alice:Amit Abend
White Rabbit:Naomi Gibson
Cater­pillar:Nora Hageneier
Cheshire Cat:Mami Kawabata
Queen of Hearts:Marianne Reynaudi
Tweedle­dum:Rafail Boumpou­chero­poulos
White Knight:Joan Ferré Gómez
Elephant in the Room:Ariel Isakowitz
Tweedle­dee:SeungHwan Lee
March Hare:Alexandre May
Mad Hatter:Dan Pelleg
rehearsal director: Amit Bard (Preisman)
light design: Marko E. Weigert
sound­track design: Dan Pelleg
stage set and costume design: Britta Bremer
duration: ca. 80 min.
premiere: 26th January 2019, Görlitz / GHT Görlitz Zittau
music: Harold Budd, David Lang: Ars Nova Copenhagen & Paul Hillier, Alva Noto, JX RIDERS ft. Sisterwife, MC Fioti ft. MCCL / M Clan / Future - J Balwin - Stefflon Don - Juan Magan, Peter Hammill & Gary Lucas, Bear McCreary, Nicolas Jaar, Awolnation, Marylin Manson, (CAP) Contemporary A Cappella Publishing, J.S. Bach: Jed Wentz & Michael Borgstede, Marketa Irglová, David Darling, The King's Singers, Nouela, Die Antwoord, Jeff The Killer, Eurythmics
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