No Strings
No Strings No Strings photo: Marlies Kross
"No Strings" was originally created as a scene in "plan b". It was later adapted into a short piece to be performed by the DEdE Dance Company in Tel Aviv, and subsequently integrated into the evening "Jaffa-Berlin Short Transit".
cho­reo­gra­phy, vi­deo: Marko E. Weigert, Sommer Ulrickson, Dan Pelleg
dance: Dan Pelleg / Amit Goldenberg / Alexandre May, Sommer Ulrickson / Yaara Dolev / Anne Schmidt / Nora Hageneier / Naomi Gibson
music: Benjamin Britten, performed by Jeff Buckley
dura­tion: 7 min.
as a part of "plan b": 4th July 2001 at the Derevo Laboratorium, Dresden
as a short piece: 15th April 2004, Dock 11, Berlin
Dresden, Projekttheater (Jaffa-Berlin Short Transit)
Lemesos, Cyprus (shortcut)
Zittau, GHT season opening 2012 / 2013
Brussels, June 2019, candidature of the city of Zittau for "European Capital of Culture"
Görlitz, wee are twenty!