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"The Little Match Girl"
"wee are twenty!"
"Whereof One Cannot Speak"
"The Rite of Spring"
"Watch Out: Glass!"
"In the Name of the Rose"
"The Little Mermaid"
"Romeo & Juliet"
"Short Transit Görlitz-Zittau"
"Alpha 1"
"Black, No Sugar"
"Dance. A Play"
"Bach in Motion"
"Jaffa-Berlin Short Transit"a co-production with the Tel-Aviv Dance Company
"There's Time"
"the butterfly defect"
"plan b"
"Next Door"a coproduction withSommer Ulrickson
happily ever after"Happily Ever After"
"Q"produced by phase7 performing.­arts commi­ssioned by the Li­te­ra­tur­werk­statt Ber­lin
"Let's Sleep on it"
"Old Hat"
"No Strings"
"De torrente"
"Quattro Balli"